How I made £393 from side hustles in February 2019

How I made £393 from side hustles in February 2019
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February Goals roundup: How I made £393 in side hustles

I’m waaaay behind with my blog posts, it’s the 5th March and I’m only just writing my February goals round up, and then I realise I never even published the goals at the beginning of the month! However, I did share them on Instagram as I do every month to keep myself even more accountable. Read on to discover what they were and how I got on!

  1. Make £300+ in side hustles – £393

It’s safe to say I am consistently achieving this every month now and I’m so proud of myself! Some people make a lot more than this but I’m trying not to compare myself too much – although it’s also nice to get spurred on as without seeing what other people were doing there is no way I would have set myself this target. My spare time is precious as I work 3 days a week and look after my daughter, so it is mainly in the evenings I get to work on sidehustles.

Here’s the breakdown of how:

Virtual Assistant: £75. This is for a friend’s business posting on social media so I was approached privately. If I had more time I would like to take on more Virtual Assistant roles.

Ebay: £24

My sales have slumped this month but I haven’t been listing! I need to make a better effort with this in March as I have loads of my old junk to shift! Read how I’ve fared batter in previous months!

Matched Betting – £230

I have been making the effort to do offers almost every day and this has paid off. Most of this was through risk free bingo offers and free spins as well as free bets. I really enjoy doing free spins but sometimes they are low risk rather than risk free, so they aren’t for everyone. Now I have built my matched betting bank to around £500 I have small amounts of money I am prepared to risk to get the most out of some offers. A few months ago I didn’t have anything spare and I did not want to spend anything out of my “own” money as I could not afford to risk it. Because I am a member of Profit Accumulator I can access breakdowns of every offer and know the risk and likely return factors.

Blog – £56

I have had a lot of inbox messages about how a “newbie” can start earning money from their blog. All my earnings this month are through Blogger Outreach which you can read about here.

20Cogs – £8

I already cashed out my 20Cogs for £203 in January, but every so often there is a new “Cog21” offer. This one was to deposit & wager £12 in a casino for a £20 payout. I am always happy to do these offers as it makes the wagering risk free and there is always the chance of winning more on top. In this case I didn’t win anything, so after spending the £12 my £20 payout will leave me £8 in profit – so still worth doing!

What were my other goals for February?

  1. Pay £160 from my side hustle money to my credit card

I achieved this and managed to put a total of £710 on my card. Why £160 extra specifically? Because I calculated that this was the amount I needed on top of the budgeted money to pay my card off by the end of April. Just 2 more payments to go so I am determined to keep on track!

I try not to touch the rest of my sidehustle money. It grows my matched betting pot which I am aiming to get to £1000, (after which I will skim off the profits each month). The rest sits in Paypal as a buffer for Ebay fees, postage and anything else. I’m looking forward to when the debt is cleared in April and I can start funding different pots with it such as holiday money, home improvements and maybe even a treat or two for me!

  1. List 50 items on eBay – X

Needless to say with a pitiful amount of money made on eBay this month that I did not achieve this! I am hoping to dedicate some time to achieving this goal in March.

  1. Blog post twice a week

My blog posts are fairly regular but I only managed 5 last month. I would like to get this up to a steady twice a week so around 8 in total.

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