Pick My Postcode Free Lottery: Could you be a winner?

Pick My Postcode Free Lottery: Could you be a winner?

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What is Pick My Postcode?

Pick my Postcode is a free lottery that gives away cash prizes every day. It is completely free to join, all you need is an email address to sign up and a UK postcode. 

How does it work?

Once you have registered an account on the site and verified your email address, you are free to play. Every day there are several draws which see over 17 prizes being given away every day. If your postcode matches any that are displayed then you will win a cash prize, it’s as simple as that!

Over £1.25 million has been given away since the site began in 2011, with the biggest prize so far being £2500.

Pick My Postcode

If it’s free, how do they fund the prizes?

In order to claim a winning prize, you need to visit the site on the day it is drawn, otherwise the prize money rolls over. This encourages people to visit the site daily, generating ad revenue for the website. 

With some of the draws, such as the video and survey prizes, you need to watch a short video or complete a survey in order to reveal the winning postcode. If these aspects aren’t for you, that’s totally fine but most of them are literally just a tick box or 2. You can pick and choose each day which draws you want to participate in on a daily basis.

Pick My Postcode

There is also an added incentive of boosting your prize money – every time you check a draw you will add a couple of pennies to your prize fund, with the bonus draw giving you the opportunity to boost this further by signing up for incentives, in a similar way to sites such as 20Cogs. Personally, this isn’t something I have done as I would prefer to get a guaranteed cash return for sign ups using 20 Cogs or similar. You can only claim the bonus money you have acquired if you win a cash prize.

There is absolutely no obligation to sign up for anything further, or complete surveys, so if these aspects aren’t for you you can simply skip them, although this means you won’t have a chance to win that particular draw.

This sounds good but how do I know there’s no scam involved? How do they use my data once I’m signed up?

I would not promote anything I felt was some sort of scam. Pick my Postcode are a small and very transparent company. They do not even allow gambling adverts on their site. Like all websites they have a policy in place about how your data is used. You can find out more by visiting the FAQ section of the Pick My Postcode website.

Pick my postcodeWhat’s the verdict?

If you are used to completing surveys as part of your side hustle routine, then this will be right up your street. Of course, while you’re building bonus money there is no guarantee you will win anything (you cannot claim your bonus money unless you win a prize) but with nothing to lose, except for literally a couple of minutes a day to check the site, I would definitely recommend adding it to your daily “side hustle” routine.

I have been signed up for the site for a couple of weeks, and I have made it part of my routine to take a couple of minutes to check the draws when I open my laptop. You can obviously access the site on a mobile device as well, which would make it easier to check results on the go. 

But perhaps one of the best features, especially at the moment, is that you definitely don’t need to leave the house to play!

Sign up to Pick My Postcode here

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