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There are plenty of money saving apps and free gaming apps out there, but EverUp is a brand new free app that combines these two concepts uniquely.

As you might be aware, I’m so NOT about the surveys-for-10p lifestyle, so every time a new app of this ilk appears on the market, I check it out and then swiftly ditch it if it’s not worth my time and effort. 

However, EverUp is not a survey app, nor do you need to deposit any funds in order to play the free games. So what exactly is EverUp? Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is EverUp?

According to EverUp’s own words: “EverUp is a gamified, prize-linked savings platform that is mobile-first. We turn saving from delayed gratification into an instant gratification by embedding games and lotteries into a novel prize-linked suite of money and saving accounts.”

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How does EverUp work?

When you open an EverUp account you are rewarded with virtual coins. The more you deposit into your savings, the more virtual coins you are awarded.

This is a great idea, as you are instantly rewarded for saving by earning more virtual coins. Remember, any money you deposit goes into a savings account and is NOT used to “buy” virtual coins – it is still your money to withdraw when you wish.

However it is worth pointing out that you are awarded virtual coins for signing up and don’t actually have to deposit any money at all – I still haven’t done this and I have been able to play the games with my virtual coins and daily free entries.

What is the point of playing the free games on EverUp?

This is the really clever part – the games may be free, but the prizes are real! They include cash lotteries where players can win up to £1 million, as well as prizes such as games consoles and mobile phones.

As all play is with free virtual coins, there really is nothing to lose!

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Is EverUp legit?

Yes, EverUp is completely legit. I have been using the app for over a month now and as already stated, it is completely free. You don’t have to deposit any savings in order to play, but you will be awarded more virtual coins if you do so.

However, this money is completely secure as EverUp itself states:

“Your funds are safeguarded and you don’t use them to play. You only use the virtual coins we award you: the more you save, the more virtual coins you receive, the higher your chances of winning our tax-free cash prizes.”

If you are still concerned, try playing EverUp without depositing first to get a feel for the games and if you like it.

How to create an EverUp account  

Install the EverUp app onto your phone (click this link whilst on your mobile)

Once the app is installed, sign up for a new account.

Enter my referral code when prompted: RMLS591114JSZCRS

​(Without a referral code, you won’t get a signup bonus.)

Once registered, click “Open Cash Account” – remember, if you choose, you DO NOT need to link a bank account or make a deposit of any sort. It is simply your account for using the app. If you want to withdraw any winnings or referral bonus, or make savings deposits, you can choose to link a bank card later down the line.

​You must open a cash account in order to receive the bonus money, so don’t skip it.

​Next, you will be prompted to complete ID verification using a passport or driving license. This is the point I normally groan and lose interest BUT I simply scanned my driving licence and my account was approved in minutes.

​Once approved, you will be awarded 500,000 virtual coins (provided you have opened a cash account.) These coins can be used to enter free lottery draws and other games on the platform. 

TOP TIP: I used most of my coins to buy multiple lottery tickets for the real money lottery where the prize is up to £1M.

​I also used some on the mini games for the chance to win more virtual coins.

Does opening an EverUp account affect my credit score?

Absolutely not, there is no impact on your credit score when you open an EverUp account. This was sourced from the EverUp official FAQ.

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How can I earn more Virtual coins?

Making real savings deposits

The primary purpose of EverUp is to reward the user with virtual coins by depositing real savings. So topping up your savings is the best way to earn more virtual coins. Remember, this is SAVINGS and not used to buy virtual coins, which are completely free.

Daily Free Games

Another way to earn virtual coins is to play the daily free games where players are awarded differing amounts of virtual coins depending on luck. It is possible to use EverUp without depositing any savings in this way if you prefer.

Referring friends

Once you have signed up, you will receive your own referral code that you can give to friends. For each signup, you will receive a certain amount of referral coins depending on your level in the app.

How can I save money on Gift cards with EverUp?

​You can also use any real money in your savings to buy giftcards for certain retailers. This gives you the chance to receive up to 100% cashback on the giftcard, with a minimum of 1% cashback awarded.

If you have a specific purchase in mind from one of the retailers, which include Amazon, Marks & Spencer and Argos, then it might be worth considering in order to save money on your purchase.

Is it worth using EverUp?

To wrap up, I would definitely recommend using EverUp. As it is completely free, but you have the chance to win real money, there’s nothing to lose! If you sign up or are an EverUp user already, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of the app.

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