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  1. Such a great post! The big toys always seem so expensive, but saving in this way would make it much more affordable! x

  2. We are looking at building a little mud kitchen, den and play area for the girls in the garden I love letting them be outside and the girls love playing in the garden.

    1. Yes it’s great to have things in the garden for them! I made a mud kitchen out of some wood pallets following something I found on Pinterest – it was a LOT harder than it looked on there but I was pleased with the end result!

  3. Great idea! Both my children had saved quite a bit of gift money over the last year or so, so we decided we would all get annual passes to our local wildlife park. It’s the first time we’ve put it towards something like that, but i’m glad we did – now they both have gifts that will last a year! #MummyMonday

    1. That’s great, the passes are definately something we are going to look at putting the momey towards in the future. Days out and memories are such a good gift!

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