Save or Splurge? Budgeting for Baby Gear

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Baby Gear You Can Save Money On

As wonderful as it is to start a family and raise a baby, the costs can be quite astronomical. According to The Times Money Mentor, the average cost for the first 12 months of having a baby will set you back by £6,000 (or £500 a month), and many parents go above this figure.

Think of all the clothes, nappies, and food it takes to raise a baby after all! Fortunately, there are many ways to keep costs down.

Prioritising which items and gear to splurge on or to save on can greatly help. Here are some things new parents definitely need to have, and some you can opt out of:

Save: A changing table

Having a baby definitely means changing a lot of nappies, but you don’t need to buy a special changing table for it. Your little one will outgrow the nappies soon enough.

Instead, invest in a sturdy dresser, and create an area to lay your baby down. You can repurpose your “changing table” once the baby grows older, and get more value for your money. The Spruce recommends choosing a padded changing mat with raised sides, which you can secure to the top of the dresser for a more comfortable experience.

Try to arrange nappies and other supplies within arm’s reach of your changing station.

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Splurge: A Travel System

If there’s one thing all new parents agree on, it’s that a high-quality pushchair is definitely worth the spend. Parents should look for an ultra-compact stroller that suits their growing family.

As seen on iCandy, modern pushchairs are designed to be multi-functional, which will save you money as they can be used as a travel system.

These pushchairs can also be used by your child in their toddler years making them a good investment.

It’s also good to research models depending on where you live; a lightweight pram is best for navigating urban areas, while a heavy-duty stroller with all terrain wheels is more suited for parents living in rural areas with dirt or gravel roads.

baby's white and black bassinet

Save: A moses basket (bassinet)

Bassinets or moses baskets are a cute and cosy choice for keeping your baby in your room at night, but in the grand scheme of things, it will only be used for a short time — assuming your infant would like to sleep in there at all!

Most parents opt to buy a secondhand model instead, or spend more money on a small crib. The crib by Tutti Bambini is an adjustable baby bed that has a mesh window that allows parents to watch their baby sleep. After six months it can also be used as stand alone cot.

Splurge: A Car Seat

If you decided not to purchase a travel system that includes a car seat, carrycot, and pram, you would still need to find a durable car seat with top-of-the-line safety features.

It’s important to buy a new car seat because you need to know if it has expired, or if it has ever been in an accident before.

Aside from determining whether the car seat adheres to safety regulations, you should choose one from a reputable brand like Maxi Cosi that offers cushy padding, a comfortable handle, and a sun shade so you can easily drive your baby around.

Maxi Cosi CabrioFix

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