January 2019 Goals Roundup: How I earnt £614 in side hustles

January 2019 Goals Roundup: How I earnt £614 in side hustles
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Every month I share my monthly goals on my blog and Instagram, and I have found it keeps me so much more accountable when I do this! Usually I post an update halfway through the month as well as a round up at the end, but things don’t always go to plan like this month! Due to some health issues I’ve got a bit behind with blogging this month, but I’m aiming to catch up now. So better late than never, here’s my January goals round-up.

Goal 1: Make £300+ in side hustles. TOTAL: £614

I am obviously really pleased with this! Here’s the breakdown of how:

Virtual Assistant – £100.

I have been asked a lot about this when I share it on Instagram. This is privately for a friend’s business managing their social media. If I didn’t do this for my friend I would definitely be looking into doing this for someone else, but as I’ve not gone through the official channels I don’t really have any advice. However, Laura from Savings 4 Savvy Mums has ALL the info right here!

20Cogs – £203

20Cogs is a website where you sign up to Competitions, Offers and Games (COGs) in order to get cashback. It is a “one time” thing to complete – you can’t earn a payout like this every month, although they do post new offers from time to time when you have completed. It also takes around 30 days for the offers to qualify for the payout. I completed the offers in November and got my payout early January.

I have a full guide coming soon I recommend you read before starting, but other important details worth mentioning is you will need to outlay some money to get the cashback, e.g. wagering £10 on a bingo site to earn £20 cashback, or signing up for a trial of graze box.

All of this initially put me off doing it for months, but as I was doing a lot of casino offers for Matched Betting, it made sense to earn cashback while I was doing this. It does take time and effort and you need to keep track of everything, so it’s not one to rush into, but it wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I imagined once I got started with it.

Matched Betting: £175.62

Not my best total, it was slow and steady this month with mainly reload offers and no big casino wins. I am hoping this figure will be higher in February but it’s still almost £200 extra in the pot.

Ebay – £106

I am pleased with this total as I only listed 5 new items and a couple of my old things sold out of the blue after months of being listed. January is also a notoriously slow month for sales so considering I haven’t made any effort I’m happy to make over £100. Even better is this was all my old stuff that could have easily gone to the charity shop.

The best sale was probably for this retro mechanic shirt I bought in the 90s which sold for £34.99. It had been listed for months and I refused a low ball offer of £20 just before Christmas so I’m glad I held out for the asking price!


Blog: £30

Through collaborations & affiliates. I have been asked a lot about this on Instagram but due to T&Cs it is not always possible to go into details. However, any sponsored post or affiliate I promote will always be something I 100% believe in. These sites are helpful if you are looking to make money from your blog:

Link Monster

Get Blogged

How did I get on with my other January 2019 goals?


Pay off my car – DONE

This was a no effort goal as the monthly payment just came out as normal. However, as is often the case with final payments it was actually £360 instead of the usual £200. Luckily I was warned by letter a couple of months ago (as I had forgotten!) so I could be well prepared. The extra money from 20Cogs came at the right time for this.

Now I am £200 a month better off I am snowballing this money towards my credit card so it is on track to be paid off at the end of April this year.

List 50 items on eBay – X

I had high hopes but only managed to list 5 new things – whoops! I have so much eBay junk lying around I really need to get a bit more organised with this in February.

Devise a schedule for working at home – Done, but need to stick to it!

I work 3 days a week and the rest of the time I‘m at home with my 3 year old so it is very hard to find any day time to work on my sidehustles, blog and virtual assistant work. I also try and fit in the Organised Mum Method for housework during the daytime on the days I’m not working. I use my Bullet Journal to schedule everything and it looks good on paper but I ended up in hospital earlier this month so I had to put a lot on the back burner. I have been tired and needed to rest. So I’m very happy to have still made over £600 this month but this is why blogging and eBay listings have slipped a bit, as well as keeping on top of the housework! I’m not being too hard on myself over this as it can’t be helped.

Me time:

Listen to a podcast – I have never really got into listening to podcasts as I am a big music fan and always prefer music in the car. However, my husband and a few friends are big fans. I decided to give them a try as I have a lot of time in my car during my working days. I’d heard about My Dad Wrote a Porno and I was hooked from the beginning! Very late to the party but I’m catching up by listening to about 6 episodes a week! Really glad I set this as a goal now as I’m really enjoying them!

Read a book – I received The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll for Christmas and it has really helped me think about how I use my BuJo and schedule my tasks. Next I am planning on reading Lisa Jewell’s latest novel. I am a big fan of hers so I was thrilled to find it for just 99p on the Kindle Store a couple of weeks ago.

Go for more walks – I have had a couple of walks but not as many as I would like. Exercise in general has been off the cards for a couple of weeks due to my health issues but now I’m on the mend I need to make more effort.

How did you do with your January goals? What are your aims for February? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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