Clutter free Christmas gift ideas

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Clutter free Christmas gift ideas

Minimalism and decluttering seem to be a hot topic on social media and a lot of the debt free community on Instagram -myself included – are big fans of decluttering. Whether it’s for reselling for cash on eBay, to get rid of items that remind us of past excess spending or to simply keep a more tidy and ordered house, Christmas can be a time when we are bombarded with items – often from people who live in the same house as us! As someone who is often going on about decluttering my own house I thought it would be a bit hypocritical to not include some sort of clutter free Christmas gift guide!

My husband and I have been together for 17 years and in the time you can imagine the number of things we have bought each other that have ended up serving no real purpose other than clutter just for the sake of extra stocking fillers to open. Obviously we have given each other some fantastic and treasured gifts in this time too, but I for one am glad the CD and DVD age is over as those once favourite stocking fillers probably would have taken over our house by now!

With this in mind, I have put together some suggestions for “clutter free” or consumable gifts for all ages.


Often thought of as a bit of a cop-out present, I am a big fan of the gift voucher especially in terms of keeping things clutter free. Experience day vouchers such as spa days, meals out or theme parks are all great ideas for larger budgets. In fact, some of my friends with older children have opted for spending a large chunk of the Christmas money on annual passes such as Merlin that will offer discounts on outings that will last all year.

If you are buying for friends or extended family and want to keep it around the £20-30 mark, here are my suggestions for vouchers:

  • Cinema trip for 2 (a voucher paired with a bag of popcorn is a nice touch)
  • Tickets for a comedy show or band – or get general ticket gift vouchers such as Ticketmaster
  • Afternoon tea voucher
  • Experience voucher such as a cocktail making class, dance class
  • A Beauty treatment such as manicure
  • Gift card for their favourite coffee shop
  • iTunes / Xbox / Playstation points voucher
  • Kindle ebook via Amazon voucher

Groupon can be a great place to find discounts on experience gifts such as these.

Garden plants and fresh flowers

Plants and flowers are a great gift idea, and outdoor plants can provide years of lasting enjoyment without clutter. A keen gardener might even prefer a bulb or seed kit. A bouquet of fresh flowers is also something a bit different for Christmas, but would make a thoughtful gift. Find some great discounts on fresh flowers here. 

Food & Drink

Although not technically 100% clutter free, the good thing about food & drink gifts is that they can be enjoyed, consumed and ultimately used up! A bottle of the recipient’s favourite tipple always goes down well, or for something a little different you could make a homemade hamper of favourite food & drink. If you prefer to buy ready made, this hug in a hamper is cute, recyclable and not too expensive.

Cheaper options could include:

  • Homemade hot chocolate & marshmallow jar
  • Homemade sweets / Christmas cookies
  • Selection of favourite teas or coffees

Single Use Beauty products

Obviously all make up & beauty products are ultimately consumable, but items such as eyeshadows and nail varnishes don’t really count as being clutter free – I should know, I have a drawer full! However single use items such as those I’ve listed below could be an option for keeping clutter at bay.

  • Face packs or Hair Masks in single sachets
  • Bath Bombs –  Lush is definitely my favourite place for these!
  • Trial Size Samples of products – you could make your own mini hamper of freebies!

Do you have any other ideas for clutter free Christmas gifts? Let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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