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  1. Hi we’re both at the moment me and my husband. Just set up eBay accounts and would like to know how to pair the. Pay pal account and the eBay accounts together as we are both really trying to find out this as we’re both just starting and both trying to sell things and start budgeting and decluttering. And then to take this money and then put the money to paying off all of our debts. And get out of debt and wondered if you could let me know how we can pair our pay pal accounts to eBay accounts please. As I’d really appreciate it please as we really want to de clutter. And start saving money. And then start paying off all of our debt and then be debt free totally. And start following Dave Ramsey and start doing the debt snowball method as we’ve got our envelopes all start budgeting. And are just in the process of doing a budget tracker. Where we can track down everything that we are spending on bit of paper at the moment.

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